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PC-Hulp.com supports you in all areas you use IT in. We sell and install personal computers, servers, printers, tablets, smartphones. We know Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. We offer cloud, mailservers and document storage, as well as websites. Based in Asse, Belgium, we offer a good and affordable service to small companies, self-employed entrepreneurs, liberal professions and private individuals​.


Laptops, desktops, servers, monitors, printers, routers, wifi access points, NAS ... All major brands: Dell, Lenovo, Fujistu, HP, Epson, Synology, Aerohive...


Maintenance of hard- and software, upgrading computers and operating systems. Servermonitoring and follow up of back-ups. Education on and consultancy in the use of new systems.


Laptop and desktop repair, solving software errors or virus related issues. Reinstallation of operating systems, data recovery.

Cloud : mail and document storage

Cloud based solutions hosting your software and data offsite. Affordable, flexible, safe and performant. Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online, Onedrive, but also Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams.

Online Back-up

The online back-up by our partner KeepItSafe has numerous important advantages over traditional methods. But the most important one is that you can stop worrying. Its easy and carefree.

Online help

Fast and efficient remote help through our software and the internet. Keeps cars off the roads.

Téléphonie VOIP

Cloud Communications is our partner for fixed and mobile telephony in the Cloud.


Fujitsu, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Keep-It-Safe, Bitdefender, Denit, Cloud Communications, Aerohive, Xirrus-Riverbed, Adobe


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Many thanks Wouter. I really appreciate your way of working
Gianluca M.
Lawyer, Roma
Bij mij is dat simpel : altijd over naar Wouter! Je hebt nu eenmaal vertrouwen, of niet, toch?
Marc V.
Bedrijfsleider, Londerzeel
Mille mercis ... Cela fonctionne. Chouette ! Bisous
Anne M.
Assistante Privée, Bruxelles